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Feature Products

Here's where you'll find a selection of feature products that will be updated on a regular basis.

Please refer to the Catalogues available in PDF format (right margin menu) for additional items. It would be impossible to list everything that we have to offer - so please contact us if there is something that you are looking for that is not listed on our website. We also offer delivery service to most locations using a bonded carrier - or come by our location at 327 Cedar Road in Maitland, Nova Scotia and pick it up yourself.

We also offer a selection of quality used equipment.

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I & J Heavy Duty Forecart

I & J Heavy Duty Forecart
I & J Heavy Duty Ground Drive PTO Forecart
with optional Hydraulic Package

Pioneer 1/2 Ton Wagons in Stock Now


Mechanical Rear Brakes with Teamster foot pedal control
Shafts or pole can be used
Floor Mat included
Cup Holder
Storage Compartment under teamster seat
Able to be used all year around with factory Skis' in stock
For more information - please ask ADHS

I&J Mowers

NEW Low Torque Required
I&J Mowers operate very efficiently with a unique scissor cutting action that lets you mow with virtually no plugging. Clean cutting means faster regrowth. Working widths of 5 ½, 7, 8 or 9 feet.

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Features & Specifications:
  • Bar can cut in any position
  • Three point hitch or trailing for tractor, cart or draft hitch
  • Gasoline engine, PTO or ground drive
  • Rubber tires or steel wheels
  • Comes with extra blade
  • Bar lifts vertically with 16" cylinder
  • A safety release, with automatic rehooking helps guard against damage to the bar when objects are hit
  • Heat treated blades hold their edge longer and produce a cleaner cut which means faster regrowth
  • Bottom blades are farther apart; therfore only a few blades are cutting at once (2/3 less torque required)
Please see the I&J Mowers Brochure [PDF]
Contact us for pricing or more information.

Pioneer Homesteader w/ 7 implements - $4400

Versatility... Innovation...
Plowing, Harrowing, Discing, Planting, Cultivating & Harvesting

The Pioneer Homesteader
Years of research have gone into the design of this universal tool to make it user friendly, safe and easy to operate. Designed especially for the hobby farmer and the homesteader, this new tool features a two pin, easy change toolbar allowing a quick and easy switch of attachments.

Footpedal steering and seat placement above and behind the tool provide optimum control and visibility when working with delicate or row crop plants.
Plow, Till, Plant, Cultivate and Harvest
your crops with the new Pioneer Homesteader

Features & Specifications:
  • Oil impregnated greaseless bushings
  • Adjustable tread width 40"- 48"
  • Toolbar in front of axle - for better visibility
  • Adjustable tongue fits draft or haflinger size horses
  • Foot pedal steering for precise control
Homesteaders come with seat, tongue, singletrees, and eyebolt neckyoke. Attachments are all sold separately.

Easily switch between attachments with our unique 2-pin system. (No tools req.)
Attachments include: (Click to view)
10" Plow, Cultivator, Harrow, Disc, Hiller, Potato Plow, Rolling Shields.

Contact us for pricing or more information.
The Pioneer Buckboard

Versatility... Innovation...
Going to town? Going to a picnic?
Doing a Wedding? Going for a Family Drive?

The Pioneer Buckboard
Designed especially for the hobby farmer and the homesteader, the Pioneer Buckboard is the solution. Extensive research, combined with a universal design using the latest material technology provide the ultimate vehicle for all your transportation needs. Exclusive to Pioneer, the new Buckboard is equipped with the Quick-Latch rail system, allowing you to easily convert your wagon without tools. Pull it with a single standardbred or a team of ponies.
Features & Specifications:
  • 1500 lb. load capacity
  • Bed size = 36"wide x 96" long
  • Overall width, outside of wheels 67"
  • Fifth wheel steering
  • Hydraulic or block brakes
  • Tongue and shafts available
  • Black paint or Automotive Finish
Gears come with wheels and leaf springs.
Many Options and Accessories available.

Contact us for pricing or more information.

New Pioneer Quick-Latch rail system with stainless steel latches allows you to quickly convert your Buckboard to meet your needs for the day ahead.
Horseshoeing Stocks

No need to break your back shoeing horses!

These shoeing stocks are made of white oak - 4" X 6" and are 7'6" high X 7' long and are fully portable. Perfect for showing, trimming, clipping, washing, grooming and vet use and are delivered in unassembled kits with easy to follow instructions. Oversized and custom built stocks are also available for horses over 2400 lbs. and smaller stocks for Haflinger and ponies.
  • Mini Stocks
  • Draft Stocks
  • Super Draft Stocks
FOB Maitland, Nova Scotia, Canada.
All prices subject to change without notice.

We can also build to your specifications.
Contact us for more information.
Ground Drive Manure Spreaders

25 Bushell Manure Spreader

50 Bushell Ground Drive Manure Spreader

85 Bushell 4 wheeled Manure Spreader

Used 85 Bushell Spreader
Misc Tillage Equipment

Pioneer 12 Oliver Bottom, Spring assisted Sulky Plough

Pioneer 4 Springtooth Harrow with Raker rods

Pioneer 5 Spiketooth Harrow

Pioneer 4 Pioneer Springtooth/Crumbler

Draft, Cross Draft, Horse and Cob size Forecarts available
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Mowers & Power Carts [PDF]
Garden & Row Crop Cultivators [PDF]
Plows, Diggers & Harrows [PDF]
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