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Haying with Horses Field Day

Atlantic Draft Horse Supply hosts an Open House to welcome horse enthusiests to see draft horses being used to make hay with modern equipment used for farming with horses in the modern day. We were extremely pleased to have our friend John McCully from the Annapolis Valley join us with his fine team to make this day a success. Many people arrived during the day to see the activities and ADHS would like to extend a thank-you to all those who attended and participated in any part.

We have mowed a hay field using the brand new I & J Manufacturing ESM double cutter bar sickle mower. This mower is offered in 5'6", 7' and 8' cutter bars as well as the single horse shafts which come with the 5'6" bar for using one horse. We used three abreast on the I & J Manf Heavy Duty Ground Drive Forecart with a Kuhn 2 basket tedder to prepare the hay for final drying prior to raking it. These ground drive forecarts are available in both Light and Heavy Duty Models and you size the unit to coordinate with your PTO power needs and horses you have access to...we offer both types at ADHS.

We have also used a Draft Horse Forecart made by Pioneer Equipment in Ohio to rake the Hay with a 1960's vintage Oliver ground drive Side Delivery Rake illustrating the versatility of this forecart to use with 2 Implement seats or a bench seat as needs dictate. To ensure we did not plug up the baler when hooked to the HD Ground Drive Forecart, we raked in single windrows.

Lastly but certainly not least, we hooked 2 of ADHS horses & Johnís team together in a 4 abreast hitch to use on the I & J HD Ground Drive Forecart to the Massey 124 Baler. Since these horses did not know each other and certainly never had been hooked together before, it was impressive to see how well everything went in spite of this...they all did a marvelous job in the hitch and the Forecart exceeded expectations when seeing it working first hand while ADHS drove the hitch.

If more information is required on the equipment or prices needed, please email ADHS or call us and leave a message if we are not home and we will call you back.

Photos from Past Haying with Horses Field Day

John bought a new harness from ADHS

John using I & J Mower

ADHS Tedding at 375 PTO speed

ADHS Raking

Preparing the 4 Abreast

ADHS Ready to Bale Hay

Baling at 500 PTO speed

It doesn't get any better than this!!

Question Period

ADHS Taking Rides

Visitors from New Brunswick

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