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Harness Sales:

Now stocking harness for Haflinger/Fjord/Canadian size, Cross Draft size and Draft size teams. Made from 100% BioThane Granite with mild spotting throughout. Included in these team sets are bridles with a snaffle bit, check lines, Beta 3/4” wide and 22’ main lines with cross check at 7’ spilt and one set of shaft loops for using a single horse.

We also have a full line of straw packed Coblentz Collars with sizes from 18” to 28”, Collar pads from 21” to 30” made from Marine grade Vinyl, Collar Sole Pads, Collar measuring sticks, 3 abreast lines, side strap lines for working 3 and 4 abreast, Neckyokes and Double Trees in various sizes available in wood or steel, twin yokes as well as 3 abreast eveners for both the pole or and offset pole and a set of eveners for 4 abreast…everything brand new!

There is now one set of Draft Size Harness with Martingale style in a HEAVY SPOT with the complete Polished Stainless Steel hardware package. This is again made from 100% BioThane Granite and looks great. Just arrived the week of June 10.

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